Eyrie – Center for Modern Business

Eyrie is a platform where you can meet and exchange experience. It is led by the co-owners of the VZK group, Radomil Bábek and Iva Sehnalová.

Our objectives:

  • to provide our strength, experience and knowledge to people of the same interests and focus
  • to work for the benefit of company leaders
  • to be a partner to people with top responsibilities

Eyrie offers:

  • meetings with fascinating people from business and other fields, conferences, workshops
  • inspiration, ideas and stimuli, consulting services and coaching

The story of Eyrie

EYRIE is a nest built by a bird of pray on a high and inaccessible place.

The word eyrie origins in latin ārea – open space, elevated plane, figuratively any high and isolated place or position.

Businessmen and top managers sometimes find themselves in such an isolated situation like birds of pray who build their nests on secluded and inaccessible places. Such a top place is usually very special. One is often alone there and exposed to everyone´s sight, usually does not have anybody to ask for advice and share worries with. This high place, eyrie, is inaccessible to most people. If you live on such a high place, you have to learn living there.

Eyrie – Centre of modern business is a platform for those who live on the top.

Welcome to the world of Eyrie

We would also like to have fun and enjoy our work, together with you.
Iva Sehnalová and Radomil Bábek

Contact: lenka.lokvencova (a) everesta tecka cz